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DIY WIFI concealer

Dealing with an unsightly wifi situation can be a major pain and the solution doesn't have to be complicated. When living in a rented or temporary space, you don't always have the option to customize everything to your exact liking. The key to thriving in these situations is by learning to work with the space you have, rather than against it.

After a year of staring at an ugly mess of wires and blinking lights strewn unfortunately underneath the dining table, it was time to do something. Anything would be better. We started by measuring the wall to ensure whatever we made would cover the router, modem, and outlet it's all plugged into.

Next, we decided on a crate-style box as not to interrupt any of the precious wifi signal. Ample space would be provided for the signal to escape through the slats that make up the box. We also realized the molding on our floors juts out –so we would have to account for that when constructing the box. Lastly, we needed to make sure we could still have easy access to the devices if needed, all while neatly containing it the rest of the time.

After constructing the box and making sure the router, modem, and accompanying cables, fit neatly, we gave it a coat of glossy white paint to match the existing walls and moulding in the house.

Try this out for yourself in whatever style and configuration works best in your space. And if you feel overwhelmed or underprepared to do this on your own, you can always hire us to do it. 🙂

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