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What is Hand in Hand?

Hand in Hand brings thoughtful, cozy, and functional design to your home. From custom home projects to mugs for your morning coffee, Hand in Hand provides high-quality artisanal goods that make your living space both functional and stylish. We’re a small-scale operation with sustainability in mind. With careful attention to materials used, it is part of our mission to provide products that are built to last in your home, not in a landfill.



At Hand in Hand we bring innovative design concepts to life, as well as curate new ideas to help you do-it-yourself too. We keep the same standards in the studio that we love about our own homes. This tight-knit project is a playful mix of rustic, mid-century modern, and western farmhouse styles. Our design team is passionately dedicated to prioritizing eye-catching design as well as keeping functionality and user experience at the forefront every piece that we make.

Our Values


Sustainable Design

At Hand in Hand, we do our part by aiming to utilize reclaimed, imperfect, or scrap materials… [Read more]


Cozy Living

Whether it be through a product, an idea, or inspiration, we hope to create comfort in your home… [Read more]


Unique Goods

We hope to provide you with artful home pieces that make you feel more you… [Read more]

Our Team


Christi Wilbert

Visual Designer

Christi designs stuff.

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Evan Antignano


Evan builds stuff.

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Based out of Huntington, NY.
Please reach out here with any inquiries or questions.

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